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PayLo Pro leads in offering electronic payment solutions tailored for the medical sector, particularly dental and orthodontic practices. As a trusted and secure payment processing company serving offices nationwide, we consistently introduce innovative payment products and services to meet evolving needs.

Dual Pricing: the future of dental payments.

From the initial consultation to ongoing checkups, you're dedicated to improving lives. However, amidst your commitment to patient care, it's essential to consider how credit card processing fees impact practice's profitability.. While 3% may seem insignificant per payment in a braces payment plan, the cumulative effect can significantly affect your bottom line. 

Furthermore, most dental practice management software services charge credit card processing fees that are 1-2% higher than industry norms. Our top-tier, innovative payment methods integrate with leading practice management software platforms at no extra cost. With us, you'll bypass those excess charges and keep more in your pocket. Instead of relying on yesterday's dental payment solutions, your members can supercharge their profits with PayLo Pro. 

Savings Example:
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Until recently, if dental practices wanted to have an integrated payment processing platform with their PMS, they had to pay the fees dictated by the PMS's payment provider. Not anymore. PayLo Pro has developed direct integration with some of the biggest practice management systems in the industry - allowing your business to take advantage of our low-fee traditional services or our no-fee dual-price transactions.

Better profits for your dental service organization.

Instead of a one-time onboard fee, we offer a recurring monthly revenue stream tied to your practice's processing volume.  The more they process, the more they save, and the more you earn.  Here are a few examples of earnings from our current Partners:

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Learn about the birth of PayLo Pro, see how we've helped practices and DSOs nationally, and compare us with other processors.

The right solution for any dental practice.

With PayLo Pro, offices can accept payments in-office or online, offering  patients versatile payment plans with a variety of options to pay for medical services. Combined with our Dual Pricing payment structure, your member offices can keep 100%  of their profits on their credit card payment transactions.

Safe & Secure

Our Level 3 PCI and HIPAA compliant equipment is ready to go, with Dual Pricing technology built in.

Easy PMS Integration

We have plug-and-play integrations to some of the biggest patient management platforms in the industry.

Instant Savings

PayLo Pro begins saving your dental practice money with the very first credit card swipe.

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Case Study: Central Washington Oral and Facial Surgery Center

The Challenge

High fees and cumbersome payment software connected to their existing PMS.

The Solution

PayLo Pro Dual Pricing and simplified integrations.

The Results

$8,000 per month in savings.

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Better dental and orthodontic payments for everyone.

Merchant accounts tailored for the dental  industry offer a variety of services aimed at improving office efficiency and client management while facilitating credit card acceptance from any provider and location. While the primary advantage lies in the swift, secure, and traceable nature of online payments, there are numerous additional benefits that extend beyond credit card processing alone:

POS Terminals

You require an outstanding yet straightforward POS system that seamlessly accepts the currencies your customers use, including EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Recurring Payments

In a dental office, patients' needs vary. Many may have ongoing orthodontic treatments spanning multiple years. Payment processing proves invaluable for recurring customers. Simply set up payment dates and amounts, ensuring you never miss a payment again!

Email Invoicing

Think of it as a digital receipt. Patients receive a monthly invoice for your services that's easy to understand and straightforward, significantly reducing inquiries about their bills and decreasing call traffic.

Get Paid Faster

Once you've processed the patient's payment, you can seamlessly return to your ongoing tasks. This efficiency allows you to accomplish more in less time, emphasizing the value of time as a precious commodity.

Seamless patient management integrations.

Whether dental, medical, veterinary or other provider, we integrate seamlessly to your patient management system, freeing you from the steep fees that come with the built-in PMS processing provider.

Hear it from our dental community.

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