Payment Optimization

Accepting credit cards has always involved interchange fees as a standard aspect of business operations. However, many businesses today have discovered a better way to process cards, one designed to mitigate and minimize these fees.

Dual Pricing: the future of payments.

Over 51% of small businesses in the United States have moved away from traditional credit card processing and made the switch to alternative processing programs like dual pricing. Offering two separate and distinct prices for cash and card payments has given their customers more choice at checkout and enabled them to keep more of their earnings at the end of every month.  

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Freedom of Choice at Checkout

Prices in Store Reflect Card Price

The displayed price in store must be the Card price.  In some states, merchants are required to display both the card and cash price.

Ring Up Your Sale

With PayLo Dual Pricing's software built into every terminal, the card and cash price is automatically calculated. 

Payment Flexibility

When customers are asked to pay, they will be presented with card or cash price options.  They can then choose to pay whichever is best for them.

Fast, dependable technology.

Enjoy the sophistication and security of high-end Android terminals with cutting-edge 4G technology. All of our PayLo Pro dual pricing-enabled terminals are EMV-compliant and come with the latest healthcare payment technology, including NFC (Near Field Communication) so you can accept mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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The right solution for your business.

We offer custom payment solutions so your business can quickly and easily begin accepting safe and secure card payments.  Our wide variety of processing solutions allow us to service businesses of any size, giving you more options for your customers.

On the Go

Our handheld terminal and mobile credit card readers allow you to take payments from anywhere.

In Store

Our advanced terminal and POS solutions allow brick-and-mortar businesses to accept all card types safely and securely.


Whether you are taking payment with e-checkout, creating online invoices or taking payments over the phone, our robust PayHub+ Gateway has you covered.

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