Fast and Seamless Payment Terminals

All PayLo Pro terminals come with dual pricing technology automatically built-in to the software.  Whether you're in office, store, or in the field - simply plug in your device and start processing. Accept all credit cards and debit cards globally with countact-less or mobile-wallet payments. PCI Level-One compliance ensures your client's information remains secure.

Integrations that save you money.

Attention medical providers!  We integrate seamlessly to most patient management platforms!

P1 Desktop Smart Terminal

The P1 Desktop Smart Terminal presents a range of features that render it a convenient and adaptable selection for your business needs. Equipped with multiple connectivity options, a spacious 5.5" screen for optimal visibility, a tactile physical keyboard, and an integrated printer featuring a 50" paper roll, this terminal ensures seamless operations. Its compact size further enhances suitability for environments with limited space, eliminating the need for bulky credit card machines. Additionally, it complies with EMV & PCI standards and supports popular payment methods including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa PayWave, and MasterCard PayPass.

  • Quad-Core @ 1.1 GHz

  • Ethernet, WiFi, USB
  • Large touch screen
  • 50 ft. paper roll
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QD4 Countertop

The Dejavoo series of QD payment processing terminals integrates advanced capabilities that establish a groundbreaking standard for vendors, resellers, merchants, and customers. Key features of the QD2 include:
  • Quad-Core @ 1.1 GHz
  • Ethernet, WiFi, USB
  • Large touch screen
  • 50 ft. paper roll
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QD 2 Mobile Wireless

The Dejavoo series of QD payment processing terminals integrates advanced functionalities, establishing a pioneering benchmark for vendors, resellers, merchants, and customers alike. Key features of the QD2 include:
  • 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 5.5" touch screen
  • E SIM world coverage
  • 7.4V - 2600 mAh battery
  • All-In-One DejaPayPro
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PD3 Handheld Wireless Smart Terminal

The P3 Handheld Wireless Smart Terminal boasts a quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU, offering both 4G and WiFi connectivity options, along with a 5" touch screen and physical keyboard for seamless interaction. With a built-in printer, it ensures efficient transaction processing. Compliant with EMV & PCI standards, it supports popular payment methods including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa PayWave, and MasterCard PayPass.
  • Quad-Core 1.3GHz CPU

  • EMV Contactless or chip & PIN/chip & sign

  • Replaceable battery

  • Printer

  • Keyboard

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DejaPayPro Cloud POS

The D1 Android Cloud POS register, in collaboration with DejaPayPro. This dynamic pairing caters to the needs of bustling retail shops, QSRs, and fast-casual restaurants seeking a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly system with minimal setup and downtime. Here are the key features of the D1 Android Cloud Register:
  • Integrated Hardware and Software: The D1 boasts a single Point of Sale system equipped with an integrated printer and dual screens, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.
  • Dual Pricing Capability: Dejavoo's Dual Pricing program ensures compliance with surcharging laws, offering merchants transparent pricing options across all platforms. With the D1's dual screens, merchants can seamlessly manage orders on one screen while customers view pricing options on the other, promoting pricing transparency.
  • Comprehensive Business Solutions with DejaPayPro: DejaPayPro encompasses all essential features businesses require in one comprehensive solution. For retail establishments, it offers real-time reporting, a user-friendly interface accepting all card types, inventory management, and barcode integration. For restaurants, features include tip adjustment, table mapping, reservation management, and online ordering capabilities. Additionally, the smart and affordable POS solution provides a back-office reporting portal, enabling merchants to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. With the D1 Android Cloud Register and DejaPayPro, businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth effectively.
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Revel POS

Revel offers a user-friendly, feature-packed, and adaptable point-of-sale (POS) system. This efficient, intuitive, and secure platform caters to small, mid-sized, and multi-location businesses. By enabling faster and more reliable order processing compared to traditional POS systems, Revel empowers your business to handle high-volume sales seamlessly, without any slowdown or interruptions.

  • Near real-time reporting and analytics
  • Always on mode (including credit card processing)
  • Payment flexibility
  • Workforce management tools
  • Loyalty program and CRM customization
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile and online ordering
  • 24/7 support and instant software updates
  • Pre-configured hardware packages
  • Open API
  • Industry-leading fraud protection and PCI compliance
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Paradise POS

Paradise POS stands out as the preferred choice for retail and restaurant proprietors seeking the perfect blend of traditional POS capabilities and the intuitive iPad interface. Our innovative iPad POS software seamlessly merges legacy system functions with the ease and convenience of the iPad platform. Additionally, Paradise POS enhances your business operations with customizable features and a secure system, all supported by our committed customer service team.
User-friendly design for ease of use

  • Tailor menus to business needs
  • Efficiently track and manage inventory
  • Comprehensive sales performance tracking
  • Manage customer info and loyalty programs
  • Track hours, sales, and permissions
  • Seamless payment processing integration
  • Streamline order-taking and table layouts
  • Manage multiple locations centrally
  • Built-in measures to protect data and prevent fraud
  • On-the-go order taking and payment processing
  • Seamlessly integrate online orders
  • Route orders to the kitchen and track status
  • Allow customers to place orders and make payments
  • Integrate loyalty programs and gift cards
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Figure POS

Figure offers a comprehensive POS system, extending beyond basic transactions to provide valuable data and insights for unlocking business growth.
  • Accept various methods seamlessly
  • Track real-time levels, automate reordering
  • Access detailed analytics for insights
  • CRM: Build profiles, track purchases, implement loyalty
  • Schedule, track hours, monitor performance
  • Easily update offerings and prices
  • Centrally manage, sync inventory, access reports
  • Seamless pickup, delivery, or reservations
  • Streamline order processes for efficiency
  • Optimize kitchen operations with digital routing
  • Enhance experience with self-ordering kiosks
  • Implement incentives for repeat business
  • Empower staff with on-the-go transaction capabilities
  • Ensure data protection and compliance
  • Access system remotely for real-time updates
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Tap-to-Pay Technology

Introducing the tap to pay technology your business has been waiting for! The iPOS Go! is an asset-free payment solution that allows you to convert any NFC enabled Android into a patient payment terminal. 

Make it easier than ever for your patients to pay with the following features:

  • Accept contactless EMV cards

  • Clients can pay from their own mobile tap-on-phone technology

  • Mobile wallet payments for added flexibility

  • App-based payment solution eliminates downtime

  • Reduced chargeback risks with EMV transactions

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Freedom of Choice at Checkout

Transparency of Pricing

Give your customers the freedom of choice at checkout with two separate payment options and prices.  PayLo Pro equipment automatically calculates the amounts and displays them to the customer.  Reconciliation happens automatically and earns you more at the end of every month.  

Seamless Patient Management System Integrations‚Äč

Whether dental, medical, veterinary or other provider, we integrate seamlessly to your patient management system, freeing you from the steep fees that come with the built-in PMS processing provider.

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